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2003 Videoconference

ISOC-Chicago ParticipantsComments from ISOC-Chicago
William F. Slater III
ISOC-Chicago President:

  • I am happy to report that the videoconference summit meeting between ISOC-Mexico and ISOC-Chicago was a complete success.

  • In addition to continuing the goodwill and friendship between our two ISOC Chapters, we accomplished several objectives, including the exchange of technical education materials in English for the ISOC-Mexico people and in Espanol for ISOC-Chicago.


  • Special thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, both at Northwestern University (our gracious hosts) and at UNAM.

  • We hope to do this again in the not-to-distant future and would like to assist in an initiative to encourage more chapters to do this type of collaboration.

  • This is another great example of how the Internet brings people together in relationships that are mutually beneficial.

ISOC-Mexico Comments from ISOC-Mexico
Dr. Alejandro Pisanty
Director General de Servicios de Computo Academico
UNAM, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico:

  • This was indeed a great occasion. ISOC Mexico also brought in people in the cities of Guadalajara and Oaxaca through videoconference, and 20+ people by webcasts, so around 35-40% of the Chapter (now about 100 strong) was present.

  • One agreement was that UNAM will facilitate for ISOC Chicago the distribution of a series of video programs for computer training which have been largely successful in Mexico; they are in Spanish and we started this series in 1998.

  • Videoconference Screen Shots

  • We definitely think that meetings of this kind can help promote ISOC's agenda worldwide, and foster an increase in the spontaneous collaboration among chapters that can make us so much stronger. We stand ready to share our experience and to start new sessions with other chapters as soon as anyone is ready.

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