The Chicago Chapter of the Internet Society

2003-2004 Chapter VP Nominee

  • John Owrey

    John Owrey currently serves as Vice President and is one of the founders of ISOC-Chicago. Mr. Owrey is a technologist, organizational psychologist, educator and community organizer. He has worked in the field of technology and knowledge management for the past fifteen years.

    He has taught at Oakton Community College for the past year. Previously he worked for the University of Illinois at Chicago as Executive Director of IT for six years. Prior experience include lead developer for executive information systems for St. Paul Federal Bank, public policy analyses and project management for the Illinois Hospital Association, technical support manager for a document and workflow database for a Digital Equipment software developer (Odesta), SQL Server/Unix/Local Area Network Support Specialist for SPSS, and as a data analyst and software trainer for the UIC Survey Research Lab (SRL).

    John also serves on the board of directors of (CTCnet-Chicago) and the board of directors for the Chicago Computer Society (


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What is the mission of the Internet Society?

The Internet Society’s mission is to assure the open development, evolution and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world.

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