The Chicago Chapter of the Internet Society

2003-2004 Chapter VP Technology Nominee

  • Mark Pyatetsky

    Mark Pyatetsky is an IT consultant with over 15 years of professional experience as a manager, project leader, technical consultant, systems architect and programmer. He has an extensive experience in the design, development and system integration of highly reliable and scalable client-server computer systems (databases, data warehouses and networks) for financial services, telecommunications, pharmacy, retail and other industries.

    Born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, he received his graduate and postgraduate education in physics, computer science and business at Moscow's Physics and Technology Institute and, after immigrating to the United States, at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago. After graduation, he worked as a software programmer, architect and manager at Fermilab, ITT, Rockwell International and AT&T Bell Labs developing data acquisition and telephone call processing software.

    As a consultant, he has lead software development and integration projects for a variety of clients in Illinois, New York, Connecticut and North Carolina. He has developed and reengineered data warehouses for banks, insurance company and a pharmacy retail chain. He led a web development project transferring high demand customer insurance information to the Internet. He trained and mentored the client's staff and taught client-server and Unix technology at Solex Academy at Wheeling.

    Currently Mr. Pyatetsky is developing a data warehouse – repository for evaluating performance and capacity of the computer servers and network infrastructure for a large Chicago-based financial services company. The repository is intended to improve efficiency and performance of the corporate infrastructure and reduce the operating costs. The infrastructure contains hundreds of Unix and other servers, hundreds of network routers, switches and WAN connections.

    Mr. Pyatetsky is a member of the Chicago Chapter of the Internet Society and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.


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